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Product Description

- Hand crafted from Canadian maple and exotic veneer fronts like Zibra, Walnut and Cherry
- 6 ply wood veneer construction
- Prescription ready
- Stainless steel spring loaded hinges
- Frame size: 47-19-149

Filling prescription: These frames are prescription ready, they are sold with a non prescription clear polycarbonate lens. The frame has two screws one on each side of the front of the frame under the temples, which allows the frame to split and have lenses removed and replaced. prescriptions should be filled by certified optometrist with step bevel on back of a polycarbnate lens. Trivex lenses are also recommended as well.

Capitol (wood) The capitol is at the center of our wood collection, hence its name. Its a traditional frame that really highlights the uniqueness of the wood rather then the frame its self.  Months of  development and time have gone into the design of this frame and we couldn’t be prouder on how it turned out. The Capitol The frame is such a popular frame we now offer it in both our Eco and Wood collections.

Extreme attention to detail is placed in each frame Proof makes. Each pair has laser engraved logos and a quote on the inside arm. Each pair of glasses comes in its very own custom wood case and microfiber pouch to protect and keep your glasses clean.

Proof not only strives to give back to the environment, they also strive to help those in need. A portion of each sale goes to non profit charities Proof believes in. Proof works with nonprofits in India that provide sight giving surgeries to people with cataracts.