Cardprotector is the essence of Secrid's product line. The aluminum box protects your most important cards, both against folds and breaks, and against unauthorized reading of your RFID cards (such as a transport pass, citizen card, most recent ATM cards and other personal cards).

Color: Anthracite

Material: Solid aluminum / PVC

Dimensions: 102x62x8 mm

Weight: 48 g

Warranty: 2 Years Worldwide Warranty (1)


-6 Multibanco or 4 embossed cards

-RFID-NFC protection (2)

The aluminum Cardprotector has a patented slide system that gives you access to the cards you use most with a simple click. In addition, Cardprotector protects your cards against bending, breaking and unwanted wireless reading of RFID and NFC cards.

Cardprotector won the Red Dot Design Award.

(1) If you register your wallet on the website - - You get one more year warranty and the certificate of authenticity.

(2) RFID is a protection against wireless communication, especially radio frequency communication (RFID) that most new debit and credit cards allow. As long as your cards are inside RFID items, they cannot be accessed remotely and your information will always be safe.

45.00 €
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