This model should to be from another decade. He celebrates the "Roaring Twenties" as if he was the Great Gatsby: secretly having a way to good and expensive Whisky and hosting glamorous balls. This is August's passion - and he loves and lives his favorite decade to the fullest.

✔ UNIQUE: Handmade lightweight sunglasses made of stainless steel and natural wood
✔ HIGH-QUALITY: Protective lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision
✔ CONVENIENT: Perfect relaxed fit thanks to stainless steel spring hinges
✔ INDIVIDUAL: Natural materials make every product unique
✔ PRESC. EYEWEAR: Can be fitted to individual prescription
✔ FOR FREE: Foldable softcase included
✔ GENUINE: Our products are made from natural materials, slight variations in color are possible

179.00 €