The clever Karlsson Square LED Clock in Dark Wood brings the natural and the high-tech together with its deceptively simple design.

It comes in the shape of a rounded rectangle parallelepiped, and it looks like just another block of wood at down-time. But power it up with the USB cable provided or the three AAA batteries to reveal its hidden talents. As it comes to life, the LED light beams through the concealed digital display, revealing the exact time.

This portable alarm clock can be carried along and used to decorate any room thanks to its light wood veneer finish, which blends in splendidly and harmonizes with all your tasteful furnishings. 


Material: light wood veneer

Dimensions: 15cm x 4.8cm x 10cm

Power: USB cable (included)

24hr back up power when unplugged requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)


45.00 €