What does Lena really do? One thing is for sure: no matter what she does, she does it right. Lena has always overcome all obstacles in her life on her own and it seems like stress is a foreign concept to her. Thanks to her vegan lifestyle and lots of yoga, she is always in top shape. A real powerful woman just waiting for the next adventure.

UNIQUE : Handcrafted sunglasses made from sustainable forestry precious wood and cellulose acetate

HIGH QUALITY : Dark, anti-glare UV 400 sunglasses lens made by Carl Zeiss Vision

COMFORTABLE : Stainless steel spring hinges for a perfect, tension-free fit

SUSTAINABLE: Cellulose acetate is a bio-based plastic made from renewable raw materials

INDIVIDUAL : Each pair of glasses is unique due to the grain and color of the wood

Adaptable to your vision from -2 to +5 diopters by any optician

REAL : Our products are made from natural materials, so color deviations are possible

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