Secrid's wallets are compact and easy to take with you. Based on Secrid's Cardprotector, they are secure wallets with RIFD protection. In addition to the cards in the Cardprotector, the interior offers space for some cards, notes, receipts, business cards and some coins, in total 10-12 cards can fit.

color: Brown

Case Color: Brown

Material: Solid aluminum / European leather

Dimensions: 102x65x21 mm

Weight: 72 g

Warranty: 2 Years Worldwide Warranty (1)


-6 ATM or 4 embossed cards

- Banknote compartment

-Business card compartment

-Compartment for 4 additional cards

-RFID Safe (2)

Made with leather

This leather has a handmade embossed finish. The deep and rich multi-tone color is achieved with the special buffering technique and finished with a high gloss.

(*) If you register your wallet on the website - - You get one more year warranty and the certificate of authenticity.

79.00 €