Secrid's wallets are compact and easy to take with you. Based on Secrid's Cardprotector, they are secure wallets with RIFD protection. In addition to the cards in the Cardprotector, the interior offers space for some cards, notes, receipts, business cards and some coins, in total 10-12 cards can fit.

Color: Toasted Yellow

Case Color: Chocolate

Material: Solid aluminum / European leather

Dimensions: 102x65x21 mm

Weight: 72 g

Warranty: 2 Year Worldwide Warranty (1)


-6 Multibanco or 4 embossed cards

- Banknote compartment

-Business card compartment

-Compartment for 4 additional cards

-RFID-NFC protection (2)

Full of Character

Our Vintage leather has a carefully scraped surface and a waxed finish that gives it a washed look to the stone. The wax makes it more sensitive to scratches, making this dynamic leather more personal over time.

NOTE: The skin of Vintage wallets, tend to scratch very easily which makes it look aged (Vintage).

(1) If you register your wallet on the website - - You get one more year warranty and the certificate of authenticity.

(2) RFID is a protection against wireless communication, especially radio frequency communication (RFID) that most new debit and credit cards allow. As long as your cards are inside RFID items, they cannot be accessed remotely and your information will always be secure.

65.00 €