Our Rieke is the youngest daughter in the family. It has its roots high in the north on the coast. 

She ran away from home early, across the port of Hamburg and traveled the big wide world, always in the direction of the sun. 

Rieke still has many plans and goals in life and is just waiting to share them with someone very special.

UNIQUE: Handmade sunglasses made of fine wood from sustainable forestry and cellulose acetate 

HIGH QUALITY: Dark, anti-reflective 

UV 400 sunglasses lenses made by Carl Zeiss Vision 

COMFORTABLE: spring hinges made of rust-free stainless steel for a tension-free, perfect fit 

SUSTAINABLE: cellulose acetate is a bio-based plastic that is made from renewable raw materials Including foldable softcase 

REAL: Our products are made of natural materials, so color deviations are possible

145.00 €