The Slimwallet wallet resembles the Miniwallet, but has no loop and is a little thinner. Slimwallet fits easily in the top pocket of the jacket. Slimwallet leather is cut wider than the Miniwallet wallet, ensuring space for additional cards, notes, business cards, and receipts. Slimwallet is less suitable for coins.

Color: Whiskey

Case Color: Black

Material: Solid aluminum / European leather

Dimensions: 102x68x16 mm

Weight: 72 g

Warranty: 2 Year Worldwide Warranty (1)


-6 Multibanco or 4 embossed cards

- Banknote compartment

-Business card compartment

-Compartment for 4 additional cards

-RFID Safe (2)

Homemade Craftsmanship

Martin Antheunisse is a Dutch craftsman who specializes in leather finishing. With over 30 years of experience, he developed a new type of leather for Secrid: Dutch Martin. Leather with a characteristic look and feel, developed and produced exclusively in the Netherlands. The coating is transparent and natural due to the use of wax, oil and fat. The hard carnauba wax makes the leather scratch resistant and water repellent. This gives it a natural glow that gets deeper over time.

68.00 €