The Gemini Sparta Blue men's bracelet is the ultimate combo, bringing together the world's most durable elements, Stone and Steel. It combines a long shaped Sodalite Natural stone inserted in a Shiny Stainless Steel Chained bracelet. This high-quality Stainless Steel bracelet stands on its own, as a piece of jewelry, or you can combine it with matching bead bracelets to achieve a powerful combo. Topped with a long shaped cut stone, the Sparta Bracelet is a piece of art. The Sparta Series consists of 4 different colours. The natural stone Sodalite - from the US - is a rather rare mineral that is known for its blue to violet-blue colour. Sometimes it is characterised by white veins or stains running through the stone. These natural stones are known for improving self-confidence and self-esteem.

ONE SIZE ONLY - M/L - You can adjust the Sparta bracelets by taking out the extra lock-chain.

79.95 €
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