Story: the clock with its levitating ball ...

Amazing and spectacular, the Story clock will leave you speechless. Its ball, replacing the usual needles of a clock, floats in the air as if by magic above its wooden base, defying the laws of gravity!

This levitating ball turns on itself while travelling around the circular dial to show the time. Mixing object of curiosity, scientific experiment and art installation, Story takes your decor to a supernatural dimension and offers a truly extraordinary experience.

Story magnifies your room with its poetic presence and relaxing circular motion. Your guests will not believe their eyes! The levitation of the ball is made possible by an innovative magnetic technology built into the dial. It can levitate in different ways, depending on the position of the clock: horizontally, vertically or at an angle of 60°.

Color: Clock: natural walnut / Ball: chrome / Cable: white

Material: Base: walnut - Ball: metal - Cable: fabric

Dimensions: Ø 26.8 x H 42.5 cm - Ball: Ø 1.6 cm - Cable length: 2 m

Weight: 4.4 lb

649.00 €