Product no.: carbon powerbank
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This is not just another power bank. The Rosewood Woodie Power Bank combines innovative Qi wireless charging technology to provide a superior user experience. It measures a mere 11 x 6.5 x 1.1 cm, making it unbelievably compact and portable as well.

Our most ambitious design yet complemented by next-level Qi wireless charging technology to provide extraordinary charging experiences. This carbon fiber power bank integrates a polymer battery, capable of assuring up to 36 hours of charging to your smartphone. The sleek, minimal design embeds a USB port that delivers fast power to devices still unable to charge wirelessly. Built-in magnets ensure a stable and firm magnetic connection with your smartphone, even in motion.

Made of an aluminum case and premium finishes, the Woodie Wireless Power Bank has a 3700mAh battery that assure 1+ full cycles to most smartphones. With its USB port, the power bank can charge all your devices also with cables.