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Swiss clockwork
Known as the best clockwork in the world. Watches with a Swiss clockwork has a quality stamp of the highest caliber.

Leather Strap
The watch strap is made ​​of leather.

Sapphire coated mineral glass
A combination of mineral glass and sapphire crystals, which according to the manufacturer, makes your watch more resistant than traditional mineral glass.

Quartz Watch
A battery-powered quartz watch is controlled by fluctuations in a crystal of the mineral quartz. These oscillations change very little over time, which is why quartz is often used because it retains it's accuracy.

Waterproof 30 meters (3 bar)
Rated to handle 3 bar or 30 meters, which means that the watch can withstand rain and water splashes, but in addition to that, the clock should not be worn in water. The number of meters (30) is not a value of allowed diving depth in water, and should not be used in swimming pool or shower. The value 3 atm (30 meters) refers to the airpressure used in the test for water resistance (ISO 2281), simulating the pressure by 30 meters depth without activity. When moving in water the pressure increases, and therefore the watch can only handle limited contact with water.

Condensation - important!
Rapid temperature fluctuations prevent a negative pressure in the watch, which can cause condensation. You will see drops below the glass if this happens. Go immediately to the watchmaker to open the box and wipe the clock. The moisture will not disappear even if the dew disappears. If this is not done, moisture will remain in the clockwork, and this can cause severe damage. Watches are not condensation proof although they are waterproof. Condensation may occur if you go from extreme cold to extreme heat, for example from winter cold to high indoor temperature or sauna. That condensation occurs is not necessarily a manufacturing defect and hence cannot be a warranty issue.