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Carteiras feitas com Lona de camião reciclada

The Cardprotector wallet for maximum individuality and card-iological security. Made of used truck tarp that has spent its first life on the highways and by-ways of Europe together with an aluminum Cardprotector. The Cardprotectors were stained in places but a lasered asphalt design covered up the flaws and gave them a new lease of life.

  • The compact Secrid Cardprotector holds up to six credit cards that are shielded from unwanted RFID wireless communication and slide out from the case tiered at the touch of a button.
  • The robust FREITAG sleeve around it (featuring a money flap to hold a few old-fashioned banknotes and coins for emergencies) offers additional room for another two cards in each of its two tarp pockets.

Technical information: 
Launch: November 15, 2018
Dimensions: 65 × 97 × 16 mm (L × W × H) / 2.5 × 3.8 × 0.6 inch (L × W × H)