Príncipe Real : 215819338 

Baixa : 21244674

LX Factory  : 211974152

Stores schedule

Open Everyday, 11:00 - 20h00

AMAZINGSTORE PRÍNCIPE REAL, open door on the day 7 March 2017

Timeout Magazine has designated Principe Real as one of the most trendy neighbourhood in the World. Is located on the  west of Avenida da Liberdade and north of Bairro Alto. The buildings here are grander than many other neighbourhoods in Lisbon, giving off a pricey vibe, and its name even translates into 'royal prince'. Príncipe Real is a residential neighbourhood but doubles as a social district filled with stores and gardens. 

AMAZINGSTORE BAIXA LISBOA, open door on the day 03 February 2018

Rua da Prata is one of the main streets of Baixa Pombalina in the city of Lisbon, located in the parish of Santa Maria Maior, which connects Praça do Comércio to Praça da Figueira. Built after the 1755 earthquake when the city was rebuilt, it was named Rua Bella da Rainha. In the distribution of the crafts made by the streets of Baixa, Rua Bella da Rainha were attributed the goldsmiths of silver, and in the shops that were left over the booksellers who once lived in their neighborhood. Formerly called Rua Bella da Rainha, saw, after the republican revolution of 1910, its name was changed to the current denomination. 

AMAZINGSTORE LX FACTORY, open door on the day 22 May 2015

Afactory complex from 1846 was reborn in 2008 as a "factory" of creativity and experiences. It kept the industrial spaces and invited companies related to the arts, which later brought shops, cafés and restaurants. Today there's a little bit of everything, from fashion to books, to vintage furniture and contemporary design, next to dining options that include pizza, sushi and burgers, in addition to the more creative cuisine. The interiors maintain many of the old pieces, while most of the façades are covered in street art.