The Gingko Amber Crystal Night Light Collection is designed to add a touch of magic and wonder to your space.

It features 5 lighting pieces, each with its own unique 3D laser-engraved design:

Dandelions: The symbol of hope, love, and happiness, the dandelion motif will bring warmth, beauty, and energy to your space.

Galaxy: The mesmerising stars and galaxies in space will add a touch of cosmic beauty to your space and leave you spellbound.

Solar System: The intricate design showcasing all the planets will elevate your home decor and make it stand out from the rest. It is sure to make children's rooms come alive!

Saturn: Packing dominance, power, and change in a crystal ball, this eye-catching motif will take your home's aesthetics to the next level.

World Globe: The stunning globe motif makes the lamp look like a work of art and adds a captivating look to the décor.

  • Saturn Amber Crystal Light
  • Product material: FSC certified walnut wood base with premium non-fragile 3D laser printed crystal design
  • 3 light temperature available
  • Battery life: 10 - 96 hours
  • The USB-C port in the back makes for easy charging
  • LED colour temperature: 2900K-3100K (please note this can vary between products)
  • Power Output: 2.0 watts
  • Power input: DC5V 0.5A
  • Power source: 2000MAH Li-on 804050 rechargeable battery
  • Product size: 80mm Width x 120mm high
  • Product weight: 756g 

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