Innovative electrical extension with 14 connections and 2 USB ports, ideal for connecting your various devices with the greatest ease.

This extension offers:

The possibility of connection in any direction, horizontal or vertical;

The safety of your electrical extension;

The innovative design.

This product was created exclusively for Europlug C / 16 2.5A (low power devices, such as phones and laptops, tablets, etc.).

A circuit breaker is integrated to protect devices in the event of malfunction or overload beyond 2200 W.

The outlets are safe and strong - the devices are securely connected to our outlets.

In addition, the EGG power plant is made of high quality polycarbonate (PC).

Circuit breaker: 10 A (230V)

Cable length: 2.2m

Standard: CE and RoHS certified

Dimensions: 18 x 15 x 3.3 cm

Weight: 600g

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