This Led Lantern Speaker replicates the look of traditional oil-burning lamps, from the wide base that holds the fuel to the shapely glass on top, which is cast as bulbous at the bottom while tapering down to a narrow opening on top. Instead of a wick that you'd have to light with a match, it comes with an elongated LED that simulates the appearance of a small flame, complete with a light that shines at 2000 Kelvins, which is similar to the hue profile you will find on those traditional lanterns. Suffice to say, this simulates the gas lantern experience pretty well.

It's dimmable, by the way, using a knob right on the neck, so you can brighten the lamp up or lower the brightness, depending on how much light you need at the moment. No word, however, on the actual lumen ratings, so we're not sure if this is strictly accent lighting or if you can use it as a viable lamp for any situation. We mean, this looks like a fun lamp to keep around either by the bedside or the home office, but that will really depend on how useful the lighting can be.

This LED Lantern Speaker also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, so you can pair it with your phone for cranking up your favorite playlists. It has a 360-degree omnidirectional sound that spreads the music evenly in all directions, although we're guessing it's packing some pretty limited audio hardware, since the size doesn't really allow for more sophisticated gear. The product page on Huckberry, however, claims it delivers "crisp, quality sound," whatever that entails.


Battery charging time: 4 hours

Normal volume time: 10 hours


Diameter 11cm

Height 27cm

115.00 €
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