KONG is more than just a light bulb!!


LED electric lamp with light sensor and 4 degrees of luminous intensity.

An object with innovative and modern technology, with a clean and minimalist design, suitable for both your office and your home, as a room lamp in the bedroom or to light up your desk or bedside table.

By moving your hand over the lamp, you can turn the lamp on and off thanks to the sensor positioned on top of the light body. Thanks to the 2 buttons on the base, you can adjust and manage 4 degrees of light intensity and 5 different shades of white, from warm to cool.

The KONG cradle will allow you to recharge your cell phone (if wireless charging is supported) simply by placing it on top. There is a USB port for charging a second device at the same time, connecting it with the cable.


Model: D160-W POIS version

Weight: 880 gr.

Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 34

Color temperature range: 2700/5000 k

Luminous flux 380 lm

Wireless charger Mobile device compatible with Qi charging standard (compatible with Qi1.2.4 EPP)

Package Contents: Lamp and Power Cord

155.00 €