An essential accessory for your next adventure, the Mini Travel Iron is perfect to take everywhere with you!
With this handy iron, you will avoid nasty surprises in your suitcase and can travel with peace of mind. Once you arrive at your destination, you can iron any clothes that have been creased in your suitcase.
Our tips for dry ironing! Quick, easy and no need for water:
Compact and lightweight, it can be used on any type of fabric. When ironing synthetic fabrics, it is advisable to place a protective cloth between the fabric to be ironed and the iron itself, to prevent the fabric from being damaged.
Spray water on the fabric before ironing it, this will make the fabric softer and easier to iron.
Non-stick metal plate
. Equipped with a folding handle, to take up even less space!
Power supply: Power cord with Schuko plug included (length: 150 cm).

25.00 €