The Secrid premium collection aims to be as sustainable as possible. The card protector has a stainless steel button with a diamond pattern on the bottom. The leather of the embossed lines is made of sheep leather in Italy. And is inspired by the interior of luxury cars.

The Slimwallet resembles the Miniwallet, but has no press stud closure and is even slimmer. The Slimwallet fits easily into the breast pocket of a jacket. Slimwallet leather is cut wider than the leather of the Miniwallet, making more room for extra cards, bills, business cards, and receipts. The Slimwallet is less suitable for coins.

5 Years Warranty


Housing of Cardprotector: solid aluminium
Wallet: European leather
Number of cards in Cardprotector
Max. 4 - 6 cards
Extra space for: Extra cards ± 6, business cards, cash.
Dimensions Product: 68 * 102 * 21 mm
Packaging: 105 * 115 * 29 mm
Weight Product: 72 grams
Product in packaging: 112 gram

150.00 €